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Here is a partial list of participants and educational institutions that have experienced measurable improvements after working with our teaching and consulting organization.

  • Dr. Lauren Rainey, DDS (TUSDM GPR Program 2012, Boston, MA)
  • Dr. Christopher Laing, DDS (Tallahassee, FL)
  • Tufts University School of Dental Medicine (GPR Residency Program, Boston, MA)
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    Here's what our clients are saying...


    Dental Operating Microscope technology is an excellent and necessary addition to the practice of general dentistry.  At the Tufts School of Dental Medicine in the Advanced General Dentistry Residency program, as the program director, I felt that introducing dental operating microscope use to the new dentist beyond the use of loupes an important step to deliver quality dentistry.  Their use is an important part of the Program's curriculum, and appropriate training is vital to practice integration. Dr. Napoletano has trained my faculty and residents the basics of microscope use, and clinically worked one on one with them to help integrate its use to daily practice. 

    G.M. Terenzi, D.M.D., Associate Professor, Director of General Practice Residency Program, Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Boston, MA


    The dental operating microscopes have not only exponentially increased visualization, but also impressed the patients with our commitment to being up-to-date on current technology in dentistry. Using the microscope also forces me to use proper ergonomics the entire time I'm working, which feels much better!

    The one to one training aside, I was impressed with the comprehensive approach to microscope integration as it's just not working with the unit itself: Dr. Napoletano works with the staff and chairside assisting team for total office acceptance.  As a talented practitioner, he provides helpful tips on efficiency of indirect visualization with use of the scopes and how the chair side assistant can help the dentist improve on time management.  On the practice management approach, he discusses how in his practice, this technology has aided diagnosis and assessment, increased patient education and treatment plan acceptance rates.

    As part of his training ‘alunni', he sends out informative case reviews on a regular basis, as well as tips to maintain integration progress. Dr. Nepoletano welcomes open dialogue with his clients after the training session, so I always feel I have his support. 

    He is a true professional and microscope use expert and our Program is better for this, both for patient care and faculty/resident experiences.


    Dr. Lauren Rainey, DDS (TUSDM GPR 2012)



    Integrating the surgical microscope has been a valuable change to my approach to and practice of dentistry.  The enhancement in visualization beyond my loupes, and the implications of more precision are what inspired me. However, the full weight of my decision, prior to my course with Dr. Napoletano, was not fully realized.  

    Dr. Napoletano tailored his course to be individualized and personal. He came to my personal office and instructed me using my own microscope. This made it easy to recall advice I had been given in the time following the course. Moreover, Dr. Napoletano's course is both comprehensive and practical. During the two-day course, Dr. Napoletano was not only well supplied and very generous with both advice and personal experiences that have helped establish reproducible treatment results and confidence. I was instructed about orientation of the microscope, positioning the patient, instrumentation, technique, and even patient management. We talked extensively about the restoration/periodontium transition, and how it can be improved now that it is more visible. He also offered samples of commonly used materials in his practice to try, and gave a detailed list for reordering purposes.  

    What I found that was most valuable about taking Dr. Napoletano's course was that, after sitting with him on the first day, I could more vividly see how the surgical microscope was going to change my practice for the better. I would not hesitate to take any course that Dr. Napoletano offers. It will be well worth the time and money. 


    Christopher A. Laing, DDS

    Meharry Medical College 11' 

    Horizon Microscope Enhanced Dentistry 

    (Private Practice, Tallahassee, FL)